Wellington Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding for Wellington Conditions

There is bit of a skill in choosing the right hydroseeding option for tough lower North Island and particular  Wellington region conditions.

Hysroseeding is the best known, modern way to establish great looking lawn relatively quickly (compared to traditional methods). Best of all it’s easy to follow the curves of your garden and landscape when hydroseeding, which is almost impossible to do well with traditional lawn seeding.

In the nutshell, hydroseeding is a professional spraying a mixture of water, seed, fertilizer and mulch on prepared ground under high pressure.

Hydroseeding is a great solution when you

  • to create a new lawn
  • to spruce up property before sale
  • to re-invigorate run down lawns, dull lawns, problem rounds
  • when you have impossible to manage or any hillside
Discover benefits of Hydroseeding.


Before Hydrosseding

Applied Hydroseeding

After Hydroseeding